Sunday, December 21, 2008

What is Java

Welcome back to Java Code Online. Java is one of the most powerful tools available for programming right now. Java was originally created by James Gosling. Originally names as "Oak", it was named as "Java" in 1995. Java was built on the Principle of OOPS, which actually provided it a very robust structure.

Java was built with the main motive of platform independence. That is to develop a language which could be executed on any platform. The thing that makes Java special is the feature that you write your code once, compile it once and then run it anywhere. This has been possible by the use of Bytecode in Java.

When the developer writes code in Java, and then compiles the code, the compiler changes the code not into executable code, but into Bytecode. This Bytecode is special because it requires JVM to run. So now any machine which has JVM installed on it, can run this Java bytecode. The JVM provides a shell like structure, which encapsulates all the processing of the Java bytecode, so nothing goes out of this shell.

This is good because, it helps in maintaining security and portability of the code. Currently any system you can think of like your mobile, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc., have somewhere Java inbuilt in them. That's the power of Java.

The syntax of Java is very much derived from C and C++, this has been done intentionally, so as to make easy for the developers to switch from C or C++ to Java, thereby making the life of the developer easy, and allowing easy adoption of Java in the programming community.

Today Java is everywhere. If you like this article then do leave a comment. For more information on Java, keep buzzing Java Code Online.

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