Friday, September 11, 2009

Blogger Blogging on Blogspot

Hi and welcome back to Java Code Online. Today I will not be discussing any Java topic. I have been blogging for some time now, and wish to take it to the next level. The thought that crawled through my mind, was regarding various Gadgets that various blogs use. They definitely make the blog look more attractive, handy and useful. It increase your traffic, as the viewer loves to come back to your blog. Moreover it is a feeling of self satisfaction, that yes I have made a beautiful thing.

The aim of this post is to invite all Bloggers who use for blogging, to discuss about the various gadgets that they use. This will help all the bloggers to be aware of various widgets provide by Blogger and third parties to improve their blog. Some blogs which I checked have really great templates, it would be a pleasure if all of you come up with your resources. It would be a great help to all the bloggers, and especially to beginners who are just preparing to start their blog.

The gadgets I am using are for Google Friend Connect for tracking the followers of this blog, and the RSS feed for subscribing to the postings. Apart from that there is Google Adsense for monetization. I have used the labels and archives tab to make the blog look more handy and comfortable to all the viewers. I suppose that all of us will be using similar kind of tools, but there are many more and the shared information could be beneficial to all of us.

As a programmer, i feel to enhance my blog using the technology on which I am working. I have been working on Java for a long time, and my current application areas include JSP, Servlets, Struts, J2EE , JavaScript etc. Though the list is a long one, I am not able to apply anything apart from some JavaScript and HTML on my blog.

Recently I was checking the site, for support on Blogger. And in fact I came to know that, I can do much more with Java. Java can help in posting, deleting, publishing, retrieving, saving as draft etc. of articles to your blog. There is complete library waiting to be explored. It can open a new perspective that how we integrate our blogs with the technology. I am posting the information I have, and encourage to all of you to come with various ideas to improve the way we blog.

Java Code Online hopes that this article will definitely help in improving the way we blog, and definitely makes our blog look much better. It's the technology that will drive it, and I love Java for that.


  1. Great initiative. I liked your opinion for coming forward and sharing opinions. Though I don't have a blog, but still I al looking for this space for more knowledge on it.

  2. Nice bro, I like your initiative. You always rock with great ideas, and that's why I am a big fan of your blog.

  3. I like your opinion on blogging and blogspot. Java has been a continuously evolving area. Hope to get some great ides from this article comments.


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