Monday, September 21, 2009

Check out the tutorial at the Sun site

 Java is everywhere. Of the most  authenticate sources, that could be used for learning Java, I trust sun the most. The tutorial provided by normally called as the Java Tutorial at , is a very good one. I have scanned the tutorial many times earlier also, and every-time found it to be the most updated and authentic resource on the net.

The Java technology always keep coming up with new changes and features. Therefore the need to continuously update the link and site is very important. Sun is the provider of Java, and so they have to maintain the most updated links and material. The best part I found with this site was that the tutorial was concise and up to the point.

The site does not go in unnecessary examples or extra elaboration. It sticks to the basics and explains them well. The section for Trail Covering the basics, consists of many great Java technology articles. It does not deal only with basic Java, but the tutorial for Java Collections and Swing is also provided. This is an extra bonus for all those who are interested in getting to the roots of Java.

The section of specialized trails and lessons consists of many advanced Java related tutorials and articles. To name a few, the trail consists of articles and tutorials on Networking, Generics, JavaBeans, JDBC, JMX, JNDI, RMI, Reflection, Java Security, Graphics, Socket Programming in Java, etc.

All these are very important fields of Java for an advanced programmer. Like JDBC which is used for Database connection establishment, and retrieval and updation of records. The process involves many commands and is a separate field altogether.

JNDI and RMI, are used for Remote Method Invocation. This is a very large field in itself. The part of RMI is important for a distributed architecture. Like your server is at a particular place, and the application is running at a different place. There need to be interaction between this application and the server. RMI along with JNDI are used here.

Like this there are many fields from which the person can choose depending upon his or her intrest. It is vast ocean of resources for Java. Go ahead and give it a look, Hope that you will also find something very interesting and useful from this site.

That's it for now. Keep buzzing Java Code Online.

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