Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to get Java

Some of my readers have raised a concern on how to install java on their computers. So Java Code Online has come up with this simple yet important article on downloading Java to your system. It might be that the computer does not contain Java, or it is also possible, that the version of Java installed is an old one. This hampers many of the different features of your computer.

Getting Java on your computer is very easy. Just go to Click on the "Free Java Download" button. It will verify, that whether your computer has Java installed on it or not. and if Java is installed already, then whether the version is an old one or a new one. If you have the latest version of Java installed, then you will get the message
"Verifying Java Version
You have the recommended Java installed (Version x Update xx).

If the computer does not have Java, or the latest version of Java, then it will allow the computer to download the latest version form there. The best part is that it is free, so need to worry about paying to anyone.

Java is a must for almost all of the applications that work on your computer, and is also required by many sites that you visit. So don't hesitate in getting the latest version of Java. The only exclusion from this are the programmers who are working on an earlier version of Java, and do not want to switch to a new version. Remember that with every new version, some of the old features are deprecated. The depricated features are the one, which should no longer be used by any programmer.

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